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ZORA Mai Quynh



Contributing Writer



ZORA MAI QUYNH is a Vietnamese American dancer, performance artist, and writer whose short stories, essays, and poetry has appeared in Ploughshares, Vice Terraform, Masque & Spectacle, Kweli Journal, Strange Horizons, Glittership, and in the Anthologies: The SEA is Ours, Genius Loci: The Spirit of Place, People of Color Destroy Science Fiction, and Luminescent Threads - Connections to Octavia Butler. Zora is the winner of the 2021 San Francisco Foundation Nomadic Press Literary Award. Zora has received scholarships to attend the Kweli International Literary Festival, Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing, VONA, Writing The Other, and the Bread Loaf Writers’ Workshop. Zora is a frequent book reviewer and essayist for diaCRITICS ( on all things ARVN (the Army of the Republic of Vietnam).


You can find Zora sipping boba at or at @zmquynh on twitter, facebook, and instagram.

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