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Our Projects

The Amerasian Coalition is building a multi-generational and cross-cultural/ethnic Amerasian community. We serve in four key ways:


1. Building a transnational Amerasian community through coalition building.

2. Preserving our Amerasian history and heritage for future generations.

3. Uniting families by providing support to individuals and groups engaged in this work.

4. Advocating for legislation that serves Amerasian needs. 

We strive to raise one voice to represent the most urgent issues for this community. We welcome you to get involved with us.



TAC advocates for legislation that serves Amerasian needs, including relevant policies and regulations to remove barriers to immigration and citizenship. 

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Preserving History

Our lived experiences are a part of the history of both the United States and Vietnam that cannot be forgotten. Join us as we gather the stories from our community to preserve our heritage and pass it on to future generations.


Uniting Families

We support individuals and groups where Amerasians, veterans, and their family members can search for and reunite with one another. 

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