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Advisory Board Chair



Jane MyHanh Joy is a Vietnamese adoptee now living in St. Louis, MO. Born in 1973 and adopted in 1974, Jane grew up in western NY with her adoptive family. She has her bachelor's degree in International Studies and worked for over 20 years for large corporations in various capacities in Supply Chain Management.


Just recently Jane left the corporate world to start her own business. Having played many sports in high school and on the tennis team in college, she picked up a pickleball paddle for the first time in 2022 and was immediately hooked. This past summer (2023) she partnered with a friend to start their own pickleball company that manages local tournaments, special events, leagues, and court reservations. The demand for pickleball is huge and is only getting bigger!


Jane is also very involved in the Vietnamese adoptees' community. There are many Facebook group pages for the whole Vietnamese adoptees' community including adoptees, adoptive families, veterans, and humanitarian workers who aided during the Vietnam War. But recognizing that there were none exclusively for adoptees, Jane created her own group to meet that need. It has proven to be a very supportive and active group that has wonderfully deep and meaningful conversations. It gives her a great sense of joy that she has been able to give back to her community in such a fulfilling way.

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