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Do Thi Thuy

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My name is Thuy and I live in Da Nang. I was raised by my birth mother. In 2002, I submitted an application for the Amerasian Homecoming Act but my application was denied because I was told that I didn’t have enough evidence of my American heritage. I learned about Amerasians Without Borders and what they’re trying to do to help Amerasians. They helped me take a DNA test. I was able to find my father through the DNA test. Since finding him, I’ve connected with him many times on Facebook. He’s currently living in Texas. He told me that he really regrets the years without me and that if he was ever able to meet me, he’d give me a big hug. 


My father’s asked me questions about my life. He wanted to know what my life was like and what it was like to be raised by my mother. He has offered to sponsor me to come live in the United States. 


In the past, I was very poorly treated and people looked down upon me because I am Amerasian. But nowadays, no one makes a big deal about it. We all live just like everyone else without any bad treatment. I am a social worker. My husband is deaf and mute. My life is extremely difficult and burdensome because I must care for my family and my husband who is unemployed. 


I want a better life for myself and my family. I want to come to the United States. I want to live in the land of my ancestry. I am hopeful that the Homecoming Act will allow me to come with my children to the United States to have a better life. 


I want to share my story so I can receive help to reunite with my father. I want to share with the whole world that the sooner people can help Amerasians reunite with their family, the better. I am so thankful to Jimmy Miller who has helped so many Amerasians. He was very helpful to me. I wish him all the happiness and health in the world. 

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