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BOB Staranowicz





Bob Starnaowicz was born in Philadelphia and was influenced to join the military in 1968 when his longtime friend was KIA in Vietnam .  After 2 years at Sears, working in IT, he entered the military.  Bob was trained in secure communications at Ft Monmouth NJ and received orders for Vietnam in October of 1969.  He was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division located a few miles from Hue. It was a blessing since being stationed so far north he was able to find Kim Long Orphanage which changed his life forever.  


Bob left Vietnam in October 1970 and came home to be married two weeks later.  He had time left on his enlistment and spent 9 months at Fort Huachuca AZ. Bob returned to his IT job at Sears and  worked in IT until retirement in 2010.   Bob worked as a Data Center Manager, QA, Project Manager at several companies including AT&T and IBM.  Bob  has a BS and MBA degree from LaSalle University. 


Bob authored the book —Chapter One: “The Story of Vic Charles and  the co-playwright of ‘Beyond the Etchings’ which has been performed in NYC and Washington DC.  


Bob is married to his wife of almost 53 years and has  two daughters and three grandchildren.   

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