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Co-Founder, TAC

Vice President and CTO
I. M. Systems Group


​SEAN LAM is a senior technology and operation officer with a history of profitability in product development, operation leadership and decision-making in core technical areas. He currently works as Vice President of I. M. Systems Group – a leader company in environment and solutions for weather, oceanic and marine applications.


Since 2014, he has served as a US delegate for SME and PPSTI Working Groups in the APEC Meeting. Mr. Lam also serves for US-ASEAN Business Council as Chairman’s Council Advisory Group of US-ASEAN Business Council.

Coming to the US since he was young, he has developed many relationships with Amerasians in the community and across the country. Throughout his career and also his social activities for Vietnamese community in the US, he has met with many Vietnamese Amerasians people who are living and working in the US. Mr. Sean had gradually learned from them the wish to reunite with their missing family members, and to find the answers to their biggest question from the moment that they were born.

Mr. Lam once separated from his mother during the war and spent many years searching for her. After 10 year settling in the US, he then had a chance to go back to Vietnam, visit many villages seeking for his mother. Accompanying him on this trip was his Amerasian friend – who shared with him all the difficulties and hardship along the way. This experience gave him a deeper understanding of the desire to reunite with loved ones, as well as a deep appreciation of his Amerasian friend.

The AmerAsian Coalition is a good opportunity for him to turn a desire into action, where he can assist those people on their challenged journey. This is also a chance for him to give back to society and community that can pass down to generations.

While Sean Lam is career-focused, he is also very active in his personal life. He spends quality time with wife, Anna and his three kids, Angelina, Ashley and Stephan. His hobbies range from boating, fishing, photography to skiing.

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